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Testimonials & Reviews

Direct from the residents

No one can describe the Jefferson Square experience better than our very own community members. Here are some reviews straight from those who live here.


My wife, Anne, and I moved to Jefferson Square in 2015.  

We are second generation residents here.

This has been a great experience for us.  The facility has been perfect for our lifestyle.

Mostly, we enjoy the friendships we have made here.



I've lived at Jefferson Square for 13 years.  I moved here in 2010 when I needed to have a place for me and my father who had been advised that he could no longer live alone.  He had a stroke on May 30, 2010 (on my birthday no less). 


Anyway he and I lived together for four years and during that time, the neighbors and people who managed Jefferson Square were friendly and very supportive.  The maintenance crew were and are superb.   They have always answered my calls in a timely manner and fixed everything that needed it.  Management has tried to keep costs low but in this economy, it is difficult.  Both Ron and Zac have been wonderful to me, always courteous and friendly and always timely.  I would recommend this as a place for anyone who needs a home with no worries about maintenance, snow plowing and grass mowing.  All the neighbors are friendly and watch out for each other. 


I have enjoyed the last 13 year and hope to stay here for many years to come.  A great big thank you to everyone who works here and cares about the residents who live here.


Sunset in the Woods

My husband and I moved to Deforest in July 2019. I grew up in DeForest and moved to the Sun Prairie area when I was 19.  My mom still lived here and I wanted to be closer to her so we decided to come back.  My husband and I are both over 65 and retired so wanted some place that would be easy to live in and maintain.  We found Jefferson Square.


It was the best thing we did. We made a down payment and moved in a couple months later.  Just like our own home but major things are taken care of by the maintenance department.  If an appliance breaks, it is fixed or replaced if unfixable.  The snow is plowed, and sidewalks shoveled.  The lawn is mowed and weed eater used also.  We can do things in our unit to upgrade them with the permission of Jefferson Square.  I enjoy planting flowers in from of my unit and sitting out on my front porch and enjoying it all.  The neighborhood itself is great.  We love the people living here, getting together with them for cocktails on the driveways.  Great area to walk and there are several of us that do every day the weather permits, even in the winter. 

So glad we did this and plan to stay until they put us in the ground.   


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